TZ incl. protective spiral

Duct temperature controller, single-stage

The TZ is a duct temperature controller for controlling, monitoring and limiting air and non-aggressive gaseous media in heating, ventilation and airconditioning systems.

Technical Data

Switching capacity:TZ: 15 (8) A; 24... 250V AC
TZ090U: 250V AC, 16A resistive load, 6A inductive load
TZR6585: 250V AC, 16A resistive load, 0,5A inductive load
Contact:dust encapsulated switching block as potential-free changeover switch (changeover contact)
Housing:Material ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) glass fibre reinforced
Dimensions:108 x 70 x 72mm
Housing temperature:-35°...+65°C
Ambient temperature:-20°...+70°C
Installation length:190 mm
Process connection:By means of a protective coil (included)
Electrical connection:0,14 - 1,5 mm² via screw terminals
Protection class:I (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type:IP 54 (according to IEC 529) oder IP 65 (according to IEC 529)
Standards:CE conformity
EMV Directive 2004/108/CE
Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE
Approvals:TÜV, DIN 3440 (STB 112 299, TR 110497, TR/STB 112 199)
TR/TW:Contacts 2/3 open at temperature rise to the set value.
STB:Contacts 1/2 open at temperature rise to the set value. Restarting the unit is only possible after it has cooled down by approx. 15K - 20K by pressing the reset button.