RBG TAURIS control unit 4,3″ TFT UP NEW

Modbus® TCP/IP with Linux operating system and Modbus® RTU gateway

TAURIS 4.3″ is a room control unit with Modbus® TCP/IP interface with Linux operating system and integrated Modbus® RTU gateway. The room control unit can be used for visualisation and as a control / regulation unit.
There are three unit types incl. Gateway RTU
>Tauris with browser for third-party units with HTML transmission
>Tauris with app for visualisation with R02
>Tauris PT2020 for visualisation, control and regulation unit
(Programming with the EAP Studio Software PT2020)
Required I/Os can be connected to the EAP MODUL2020 via Modbus® RTU or TCP/IP. Applications for visualisation and control tasks in building services, HVAC and industry.

Technical Data

Power supply voltage:24V DC ±10%
Display type:4.3" TFT with projected-capacitive
Resolution:272x480 pixels
Colour:65535 Colours
Processor:ARM Cortex A8 CPU, ARM Mali 400 GPU
SD card:included
Tauris PT2020:licence tied to unit is included
Cycle frequency:1 GHz
Memory:8 GB uSD Card, 512 MB RAM
Bus system:Modbus® TCP/IP
with Linux operatingsystem
Ethernet:10/100 MBit auto MIDX, DHCP or
Fixed IP address
Connections:2 x RJ45 TCP
Modbus RTU gateway for connection of
Sensors and remote units
Configuration:menu-guided via web browser
IP parameters:adjustable
Ambient temperature:0...+50°C
Humidity:< 95 % rH, non-condensing air
Mounting:on flush-mounted box Ø 55mm or control
cabinet door (vertically or horizontally)
Housing:with glass front and black anodised
aluminium frame
Dimensions:WxHxD 79 x 120 x 11 mm
Protection type:IP30