FB xxx

 Fieldbus unit with digital and analogue inputs/outputs, RS485 interface

 The FB… is a Fieldbus module for setting up distributed systems (Fieldbus systems) in industry, building services and HVAC. These units can be arranged in a centralised and decentralised way and can be read and written by our R01.8DI / R02 control and regulation units and other central CPUs (DDC, PLC, PC) or with our Tauris / Leonis room operating units by means of the RS485 and Modbus®-RTU / S-Bus interface. Depending on the application, various digital and analogue inputs and outputs are used.

Technical Data

Power supply voltage:24V DC ±20%
No-load current:20mA
max. current draw:see table
Bus protocol:RS485, Modbus®-RTU / S-Bus
Digital input:24V DC, 5mA
Analogue input:PT100/1000: MB: -100...+500 °C, Resolution 0.1 °C,
NI1000, NI1000 TK5000, T1S and resistor
0...10V (resolution 1mV) 4...20mA (resolution 1µA)
Ausgang digital:Open Collector, 30VDC 0,7 A , kurzschlussfest Relais 230V AC / 5A ohmsche Last 230V AC / 0,5 A cos phi 0,4
Digital output:Open collector, 30VDC 0.7 A , short-circuit proof
Relay 230V AC / 5A resistive load 230V AC / 0.5 A
cos phi 0.4
Output analogue0...10V (unit 1mV) max. 3mA max. 10mA with
module FB4DI.4AO-U.M.S 4...20mA (unit 1µA)
Output analogue/digital:Triac/PWM 12-250V, AC 0.5A programmable as
digital output or PWM in percentages
Input-output combination see price list
Other input and output combinations on request
Ambient temperature:0...+50°C
Accuracy:< 0.1 %
Analogue resolution0.1°C
EMC:according to EN 61326
Terminals:Plug-in terminals up to 2.5 mm²
Housing:45 mm in-line installation system
5 TE: WxHxD 88x90x58 mm,
9 TE: WxHxD 158x90x58mm
Installation:TS35 profile rail
Humidity:< 95 % rH, non-condensing air
Protection type:IP20
Standards:CE conformity