Air flow monitor – Air flow transducer, electronic, single-stage

The LSW/LSM is used for monitoring air flows in ducts, on fans, control dampers, for flow-dependent monitoring of humidifiers and electric heating coils in accordance with DIN 57100 Part 420 or for use in conjunction with control units.

Technical Data

Power supply:see table
Voltage tolerance:LSW-DW and LSM-AR: ±10%
Signal display voltage:LSW-DW and LSM-AR Green LED
Power consumption:max. 4VA
Ambient temperature unit:-20...+60°C
Flow signal output:see table
Current/contact rating:LSW-DW: 250V AC, 6A, 1,5kVA
Switching function for flow:LSW-DW: Relay energises
Signal indication for flow:LSW-DW: Yellow LED
Start-up suppression:LSW-DW: 60s (jumper can be activated)
Start-up suppression display:LSW-DW: Yellow LED
Temperature gradient:15k/min
Switching point:can be switched on via potentiometer
Measuring range:LSW-DW and LSM-AR: 0.1-30m/s, LSM-AL: state on order: 0-1 m/s, 0-8 m/s,0-16m/s
Immersion depth:see table
Process connection:Mounting flange (included)
sensor material:LSW-DW and LSM-AR: MS 58, nickel-plated LSM-AL: Plastic
Pressure resistance:10 bar, LSM-AL: 5 bar
Housing protection type:LSW-DW and LSM-AR: IP 65, LSM-AL: IP54
Protection type sensor:LSW-DW and LSM-AR: IP 67, LSM-AL: IP54
Connection:LSW-DW: 5 terminals, 2.5 mm², LSM-AR: 6 Terminals, 2.5 mm², LSM-AL: 9 terminals, 2.5 mm²
Housing dimensions:56 x 84 x 82 mm