Pressure transducer for recording the pressure of liquid or gaseous media

The DMR is a pressure transducer for measuring the pressure of liquid and gaseous media. E.g.: in hydraulics, pneumatics, process technology, in mechanical and plant engineering. The stainless steel membrane is completely vacuum-tight.

Technical Data

Power supply:24V AC/DC at 0-10V output 15-30V DC at 4...20mA output
Measuring ranges:see table and other measuring ranges upon request
Output signal:0-10V three-wire, input resistance U 2kW or 4...20mA Two-wire, input resistance (Ohm) =(UB(V)-10V)/0.02A
Electrical connection:0.14 - 1.5mm² via screw terminals on Angle plug shape C
Pressure connector:G 1/2 A (other connections on request)
Pressure type::relative
Measuring principle:Thin film, piezoresistive on steel diaphragm
Medium temperature:-40...+100°C
Mounting:directly on pressure line
Housing:Stainless steel
Connection head:Plastic, approx. 98 x 50 x 34 mm
Parts in contact with the medium: Stainless steel, steel type 1.4301 x 5 CR Ni 18-10 O-rings, no silicone oil
Response time:1.5 ms, class: 0.5 %, total error:< 3 %
Overload range:Double, burst pressure: Triple
Insulation resistance:U 100 MOhm, at 20 °C (500V DC)
Protection class:III (according to EN 60730)
Protection type:IP 65 (according to IEC 529)

Please note: Connection only as per operating instructions (included)