Pressure and differential pressure sensor with RS485

The DFL E.RS485 with or without display a pressure sensor whose signal communicates via RS485 and by means of Modbus®RTU It measures the positive, negative or differential pressure in the air. The digitally calibrated and compensated MEMS unit guarantees excellent reliability and accuracy. These pressure sensors are used in clean room, medical and filter technology, in ventilation and air conditioning ducts, in spray cabins, in commercial kitchens, for purposes of filter monitoring and fill level measurement or to control frequency inverters. The measured medium is air (non-condensing) or gaseous, non-aggressive, non-combustible media.

Technical Data

Power supply:24V DC ± 20%
Max. current draw:10mA
Bus protocol:RS485 Modbus®-RTU
Configuration option:via Dip switches (address no., parity, baud)
Address number:1 bis 63 (0 not allowed)
Modbus parity mode:no parity, even parity, odd parity
Transmission rate:4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 Baud
Measuring range:± 250, 1000, 3.000 oder 10000 Pa
Max. permissible overpressure:± 250 Pa: 7kPa
depending on measuring cell:± 1000 Pa: 10kPa
± 4000 Pa: 33kPa
± 10.000 Pa: 80kPa
Ambient temperature:-20...+50°C
Pressure connector:4/6 x 11mm (hose Ø = 5/7mm)
Type of pressure:Differential pressure
Medium:Air, non-aggressive, non-combustible gases
Long-term stability:± 1% / 10 years
Measuring errors:± 1% incl. hysteresis, linearity, repeatability
Drift over temperature:0% (drift is already taken into account in the measurement error)
Housing:ABS/PC, pure white (similar to RAL9010), 4 quick release screws
Display (optional):LCD display in kPa
Dimensions:81 x 55 x 35 mm plus PG and air connection dome
Electrical connection:0,14 - 1,5 mm² via screw terminals
Cable gland:2 x M16, with strain relief
Humidity:< 95 % r. H., non-condensing air
Protection class:III (according to EN 60 730), Protection type: IP 65 (according to IEC 529)
Standards:CE conformity, electromagnetic compatibility acc. to EN 61326-2-3: 2013 08 01 EMV Directive 2014/30/EU

DFL RS485 Display