Single-phase power controller, phase angle control / oscillation package control

 The LST 1PH is a single-phase power controller (max. load current 10A) for controlling resistive and inductive loads. The modular compact design and the control with a continuous control signal make these power controllers the perfect actuator for industrial power control.

Technical Data

Mains voltage:1x 230V AC
Max. Rated current:10A
Load types:resistive and inductive loads
LED display:2 Status LED
green LED: flashes slowly
output is switched off, flashes quickly
output is active,
red LED: Current input > 20mA
Control input:0-10V, 1-10V,
0-20mA, 4-20mA (protected against 24V)
selectable via Dip switch
Input resistance:70 kOhm at 0-10V and 150 Ohm at 0-20mA
Connections:Screw terminals 2.5 mm² for mains and load
Screw terminals 1.5 mm² for control section
Humidity:< 95 % rH, non-condensing air
Operating temperature:0...+45°C
Environment:dry, non-conductive environment
Mounting:on DIN rail system (alternative
Mounting option with mounting plate)
Housing:open DIN rail housing
Dimensions WxHxD:136 x 126 x 70 mm
Protection type:iP00
Standards:VDE 0160, EN 60204, IEC 947-4-2