Three-phase thyristor controller, phase angle and oscillation package control

The ESG-S T-3PH/M is a three-phase thyristor controller (max. load current 2 to 16A) for controlling larger resistive or inductive loads. The modular compact design and the control with a continuous control signal make these power controllers the perfect actuator for industrial power control. The power section of the thyristor controller consists of two antiparallel connected thyristors, the insulated heat sink and the control electronics.

Technical Data

Load voltage:3 x 400V AC ±15%
Supply voltage:internally from the load voltage
Max. Rated current:2-16A
Rotating field:self-synchronising
Load types:resistive and inductive loads
Test voltage:according to VDE 0160 / DIN EN 50178
Protection type:Housing: IP40 Terminals: IP20 (VBG4) any
Climate resistance:humidity class FDIN 40040
Ambient temperature:Operation: 0...+45°C Storage: -10°C bis +70°C
Installation:Can be snapped onto DIN rail system (DIN 46277-3, 35x7,5mm) or screwed onto mounting plate
Housing:PA, UL 94 V-0
Weight:0,40 kg(02,04),0,50 kg(6,8,10),0,80 kg (12,14,16)
Display of operating states:LED: „Mains“, LED: „Start“,LED: „100% Uout“, LED: „Fault“
Signal contact:Modulation: 100% malfunction
(contact load: 250V AC/2A; 24V DC, 3A)
Inputs:0...10V DC, 0...20mA DC, 4...20mA (switchable with Dip switch) or Potentiometer setting
Dimensions WxHxD:100x77x110mm (2,4A), 100x100x110 (6A)
100x108x110mm (8,10,12,14,16A)