R01.8DI Control unit

Modbus®-TCP/IP with switch, Modbus® RTU Gateway

The R01.8DI.Modbus ®-TCP/IP is a control and regulation unit with RS485 / Ethernet interface. The application is in house, building and plant technology. Ready-made modules (applications), logic and time functions are integrated and can be easily programmed and parametrised using a browser, so no programming knowledge is required. EAP bus sensors, RBG Leonis and also third-party products can be connected via the Modbus®-RTU interface. Up to 15 expansion modules (248 I/Os) of the MODUL2020 series can be used for I/O expansions.

Technical Data

Power supply voltage:24V DC +10%, -5%
No-load current:70mA
Max. current draw:100 mA + 5 mA/DI input
Bus protocol:Ethernet Modbus®-TCP/IP Slave
Configuration:menu-guided via web browser transmitting
speed: 10 / 100 MBit
Display:Plain text LCD display
Hand control level:Plain text LCD display + 4 keys - menudriven operation
Display of actual states or actual values
Inputs:8DI 24V DC, 5 mA, pnp or npn
Connections:Modbus®-RTU for connection
of sensors and remote units
Firmware update:via micro SD or Ethernet
SD card NOT included
Housing:45 mm in-line syst. WxHxD: 70x90x58mm
Terminal:Plug-in terminals with push-in connection
up to 1.5 mm²
Installation:TS35 profile rail
Ambient temperature:0...+50°C
Protection type:IP20