escodrives frequency inverter, protection class IP20 & IP66

 The EDS3 is a frequency inverter (rated motor power from 0.4kW – 37kW) for stepless speed control of asynchronous motors and is used for pumps and fans. Other areas of application include industry (conveying and mixing technology), lifting applications, packaging machines, machine tools and compressor applications. The precise motor control is already set in the factory setting. Intelligent macro functions reduce the programming effort considerably. Complex settings are realised with only 60 parameters. Also available with IP66 protection.

Technical Data

Mains connection:1 x 200-240V +10%, 50/60 Hz ±5%
3 x 380-500V +10%, 50/60 Hz ±5%
Output voltage:0.0V to max. input voltage
Output frequency:0..500Hz (resolution 0.01Hz)
Current in case of overload:150% for 60 s, 175% for 2.5 s
Operating type:Linear V/f characteristic,
energy saving function,
sensorless vector control (induction, ermanent
magnet, brushless direct current, synchronous
reluctance, line start permanent magnet
Cycle frequency:4-32kHz effective
Brake chopper:integrated from 2.2kW
Interfaces internal:Modbus®-RTU, CANopen®
Setpoint control analogue:0-10V, 10-0V; 0-20mA, 20-0mA; 4-20mA, 20-4mA
Setpoint control digital:Motor potentiometer, keyboard,
Modbus®-RTU, CANopen®,
EthernNet/IP, fixed frequencies,
various Fieldbus connections optional
Power supply:24V DC (100mA), short-circuit proof; 10V DC
(10mA) for potentiometer
Programmable inputs:4 (2) x digital , 2 (1) x analogue configurable
Digital inputs:8-30V DC internal or
external supply Response time: <4ms
Analogue inputs:Resolution: 12Bit,
response time: <4ms,
accuracy ± 2% of full scale,
Parameters adjustable for scaling and
Programmable outputs:1x analogue / 1 x digital configurable, 1 relay
Relay outputs:max. voltage: 250V AC/6A; 30V DC/5A;
optionally expandable
Analogue outputs:0...10V, max. 20mA
EMC filterintegrated (IEC61800-3 category C1)
Operating temperature:-10 to +50°C
Humidity:< 95 % rH, non-condensing air
Protection type:IP20 or IP66