Module 2020

Modular I/O system with Modbus® RTU or Ethernet – Modbus® TCP/IP

Module 2020 from EAP is an I/O system consisting of a basic module with LCD display, 4 buttons and a micro-SD card slot, which can hold up to 15 expansion
modules (maximum of 248 I/Os can be controlled). The outputs can be controlled in a menu-guided way on the base module by means of push-buttons via the
LCD display or manually on the expansion module by means of the toggle switch (and potentiometer). This I/O system is the logical continuation of the
development of the central and decentralised Fieldbus units. Like the Fieldbus units, this system is used to set up distributed systems (Fieldbus systems) in
industry, building services and HVAC. The units can be arranged in a centralised and decentralised way and can be read and written by our R01.8DI / R02 control
and regulation units and other central CPUs (DDC, PLC, PC) or with our Tauris / Leonis room control units via the RS485 Modbus®-RTU or Ethernet Modbus®-
TCP/IP interface.

Technical Data

Power supply voltage:24V DC +10%, -5%
No-load current:B01 40 mA, B02 110 mA, B03 120 mA
max. current draw:see table
Bus protocol:RS485 Modbus®-RTU, Ethernet Modbus®- TCP/IP
with galvanic isolation
Transmission rate B01:4,800...230,400 Baud
Transmission rate B02:10/100 MBit integrated switch
Transmission rate B03:10/100 MBit integrated switch
Base module:B01 with Modbus®-RTU, LCD display, 4 keys, micro
SD card slot and 8DI 24V (pnp or npn)
B02 with Modbus® TCP/IP 2-port switch, LCD
display, 4 keys, 1 x Modbus®-RTU gateway
for connecting Modbus® RTU sensors,
Micro SD card slot and 8DI 24V (pnp or npn)
B03 with Modbus® TCP/IP 2-port switch, LCD
display, 4 keys, 5 x Modbus®-RTU gateway
for connecting Modbus® RTU sensors
Base module housing:45 mm in-line syst. WxHxD 70 x 90 x 58 mm
Display::Plain text LCD display
Hand control level:Plain text LCD display + 4 keys, menu-guided
operation / control of the outputs,
Display of actual states or actual values
Expansion modules:
Digital input:24V DC, 5mA (pnp or npn) incl. counting function
up to 100Hz and toggle register
Analogue input:PT100/1000: MB: -100...+500 °C, NI1000,
NI1000 TK5000, KTY81-110, KTY81-210,
Resolution 0.1 °C and resistance up to 6553.5 Ohm
NTC1.8kOhm, NTC5kOhm, NTC10 kOhm
NTC20kOhm, resistance up to 6.5 MOhm,
0-10V resolution 1mV, 4-20m resolution 1μA
Digital output:
Open Collector npn:1-36V DC npn / 1A, short-circuit proof
E8OC - max. frequency 1kHz - 0.1% resolution,
E16OC- max. frequency 250Hz - 1% ,resolution
Open Collector pnp:6-36V DC pnp (incl. tolerances) / 1.1A /8 channels on,
short-time 2.5A, short-circuit proof, thermally
protected 2.2A / if only 1 channel/connector is active,
parallel connection allowed, current accumulates
Digital output TR (Triac):0-230V AC 50/60 Hz / 0.7 A / 8
Channels on, inrush current 50A/20ms, 4A/
5 sec pulse package control with zero passage
circuit, not short-circuit and
Digital output:
Normally open relay:230V AC / 5A resistive load, 0.5 A cos phi 0.4
230V AC / 16A resistive load, 0.7 A cos phi 0.4
Changeover contact relay:230V AC/ 5A resistive load, 230V AC / 0.5 A
cos phi 0.4, HL 55V DC/ 10 A AC1 resistive load
Output analogue:0...10V (unit 1mV)), 4...20mA (unit 1μA)
Expansion module housing:45 mm in-line syst. WxHxD: 52.5 x 90 x 58 mm
Status display:DI/DO Dual LED red/green, Mode Led green
Hand control level:Control of the outputs via toggle switch and potentiometer
Terminals depending on module:Plug-in terminals with push-in connection up
to 1.5 mm² or 2.5 mm²
Installation:TS35 profile rail
Ambient temperature:0...+50°C
Accuracy at 20-30 °C:typically T 0.1 °C, U 0.1%, I 0.2%,
Resolution 0.1 °C, 1mV, 1μA
EMC:according to EN 61326
Protection type:IP20
Standards:CE conformity

B… Base module
Base module B01.8DI Modbus RTU
Micro SD card slot – enables loading
of the latest firmware

E… Expansion module